A Custom Build Your Own Computer Kit

A build your own computer kit is especially useful if you've never built your own computer but would like to learn.  Since the toughest part of building any good computer kit is matching all the correct parts, this is a great way to learn, as well as build up some confidence in the whole process for the next time around.

The hardest part of putting together any computer is picking out the parts.  The rest is just playing with lego.

There are 2 ways you can get a build your own computer kit, first, you can visit our computer kits section and pick something there that you like for free.  If you prefer a custom build your own computer kit system tailor made for the programs you use the most, fill in the form below.

Every build your own computer kit I get a set of specifications for, will be designed for Windows 7.  A computer case, and all the internal parts you need to build your computer system will be included.  Each will contain enough parts to build a complete computer tower.  A keyboard, mouse, and monitor and a Windows install disk are not included in your budget price, so be sure to deduct that.

I will research every component to ensure you are getting all parts of high quality, just as I describe in the how to build a computer page.  These systems are designed to be home desktop computers that out perform a standard prebuilt computer.

Once designed, your PC kit will show up after this form.

Site is under construction, please note this form is temporarily disabled.

April 2012 - $1700 Gaming Kit

April 2012 - $1000 Video editing Computer

April 2012 - Discount Gaming Computer Kit

April 2012 - $900 Video editing and Gaming Computer Kit

April 2012 - $1200 Autocad 2013 Computer Kit

March 2012 - $840 Gaming Computer

March 2012 - School Computer Kit

March 2012 - Video editing computer kit for John

March 2012 - Autocad Computer for Robert

March 2012 - $1000 Gaming Computer Kit for Alex

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