April 2012 Video and Photo PC

With a budget of $1000, building a pretty solid video editing and photoshop tailored PC is very do able.  I acutally came in a little under budget for this build.  The key features to make this computer good at this are the 16GB of RAM, the multi thread capable CPU, and the video card.  My personal choice when it comes to photos and videos is ATI, if you ask why, I'll tell you I like the quality of the picture better on ATI.

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TIP! A Windows installation DVD, a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers are not included with this build.  This build is 64bit ready.

The links and parts list
  • AMD 8150icon
  • Asus M5A97icon
  • Radeon HD6870icon
  • 16GB Corsairicon
  • 1TB Black Edition Western Digital Driveicon
  • Cooler Master Gladiatoricon
  • Ultra 650Wicon
  • Lite Onicon
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