March 2012 $1000 Gaming Computer

Finally, computer prices have dropped like a lead balloon, it's finally the time to build again.  This kit will take advantage of a couple of great things, RAM prices and Video card prices.  If this continues, 16GB or RAM will become the new standard for how much RAM a run of the mill PC will get.

As usual, we have my normal parts, hard drive, case, power supply and dvd drive, the highlights of this build are the 570 video card and the 8120 CPU coupled with an Asus motherboard a ton or Corsair RAM to cut redundant data searches down to a minimum.

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TIP! A Windows installation DVD, a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers are not included with this build.

The links and parts list
  • AMD FX 8120icon
  • Asus M5A97icon
  • Geforce 570 GTX Superclockedicon
  • 16GB Corsair Vengenceicon
  • 1TB Black Edition Western Digital Driveicon
  • Cooler Master Centurionicon
  • Ultra 650Wicon
  • Lite Onicon
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