April 2012 Video/Gaming PC

This PC is designed for 2 key tasks, video editing and gaming.  The budget was $900, and yes we met the budget.  Typically, gaming computer already have enough power to do video editing, the only big difference or change I will make is to double the RAM to 16GB, this will make the difference here.

For a bit of a change, I've decided to build this on a Gigabyte board, a little bit of cost saving when dealing with a tight budget, this let me stick a bit more onto the video card.

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TIP! A Windows installation DVD, a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers are not included with this build.  This build is 64bit ready.

The links and parts list
  • AMD FX 8120icon
  • Gigabyte GA-970A-D3icon
  • GeForce 560 Tiicon
  • 16GB Corsair Vengenceicon
  • 1TB Black Edition Western Digital Driveicon
  • Cooler Master Gladiatoricon
  • Ultra 650Wicon
  • Lite Onicon
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