BMHC Site Sponsorship Policy

Any site sponsor here will be someone that provides something of service to the computer user who is someone I would use.  I will in no way place any kind of bias simply because someone has paid more or less for advertising.

All services or vendors are either used by me or friends of mine.  There are not here without test.  Any software listed on this site will be personally tested by myself.  This way I can confirm usage and proper resource management by the program.

I have worked many years to find connections that are worth keeping, I hope I can pass them on to the reader here and make that part of computing easier.  If I cannot get behind a product or service, you will not see it here.  Enjoy my A list.

If you are an advertiser that has a product or service you'd like to see here, please review our advertising information.

I will not sell out here readers, any of the products or services that are on this site are here because I like the product not because of any type of revenue.

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