April 2012 Autocad 2013 Kit

This Autocad 2013 computer kit is for Luis.  There's a couple of things that make the budget of $1200 a great number.  For starters, it's at the sweet spot right now for getting the most performance for your money with a bit extra, enough to add an SSD.

You could easily argue that you need to have at least 16GB of RAM, however, with the addition of the SSD when you need the extra memory, the pagefile on the SSD will easily accommodate the requests.

If you would like to request your own custom computer kit, fill out the build your own computer kit form.

TIP! A Windows installation DVD, a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers are not included with this build.  This build is 64bit ready.

The links and parts list
  • AMD FX 8150icon
  • Asus M5A99Xicon
  • GeForce 560 Tiicon
  • 8GB Corsair Vengeanceicon
  • 1TB Black Edition Western Digital Driveicon
  • 120 GB OCZ Vertex IIIicon
  • Cooler Master Gladiatoricon
  • Ultra 650Wicon
  • Lite Onicon
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