April 2012 $1700 Gamer

If you've got the cash, this PC will be lots of fun.  Since the budget had room, I'd suggest adding either a Notcua D14 or C14 cooler so you can overclock the snot out of the CPU.  Personally, I have the C14 and love it, no heat issues at all.  As for the rest, change the case if you like something else, just make sure if you do decide to change the cooler, double check Noctua's website to make sure that the RAM and motherboard listed here will work with the cooler you choose.  Load up some BC3 and have fun.

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TIP! A Windows installation DVD, a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers are not included with this build.  This build is 64bit ready.

The links and parts list
  • Intel 2600Kicon
  • Asus P8Z68-V Proicon
  • Geforce GTX 580icon
  • 16GB Dominatoricon
  • 1TB Black Edition Western Digital Driveicon
  • OCZ Vertex IIIicon
  • Cooler Master Gladiatoricon
  • Ultra 650Wicon
  • Lite Onicon
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