Definition of USB

If you're looking for the definition of USB, you're at the right place.  USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.  It's a square flat connector on just about any computer you can find these days.

So why are there so many ports on the computer?  That's simple.  Just about any device that you buy for a computer can connect to the computer via USB.  Not only is it very universal like the name states, it's also quick and easy to connect any device, usually without having to install any third party drivers.

Since there are so many uses for USB, most motherboards are capable of having a ton of them.  The board below has 4 on the back of the computer, as well you can plug an additional 2 into each expansion connector on the motherboard.  It's labeled number 4 in the picture below.  The view below is the same board without the number.



Before buying a PCI card for more USB plugs, check the motherboard to see if it supports more like this one does.  The adapter for the motherboard will cost you a lot less.

Currently there are 3 standards of USB, just USB will give transfer speeds of 1.43MB/s.  USB 2.0 goes up dramatically to 57MB/s and the new USB 3.0 standard will give another MASSIVE jump up to 572MB/s making this universal bus even more practical for any use you may have for it.

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