PC Power Supply Tester

The PC power supply tester is a great easy tool to use if you suspect the power from your computer power supply is not supplying the voltage it is supposed to.  As an alternative, you can test the power supply manually, but this requires a volt meter, and requires you work with live voltage.  It also isn't as easy as plugging in a tester, and since they are priced to sell, it's the way I recommend for anyone.

Although this method isn't bullet proof, it's a great way to easily test a computer power supply, since most of the time when a computer power supply goes, this device will test it properly.  If this device does say your power supply is okay but you still suspect otherwise, get a motherboard monitoring utility from the manufacturer of the motherboard to monitor voltages while your computer is running.

pc power supply tester

The tester I have recommended here is only for use with a power supply under 1000W, if your power supply has more watts, you can get a larger tester, or use a manual method to test your power supply.

Pictured above is the Ultra X power supply testericon.  Although at the time of this writing, I haven't used it personally, the reviews of this part speak for themselves.  It is also available for a very fair price from a vendor that I trust, and have dealt with for many years.

To use this tester, you simply attach the power wires from your power supply, power on your power supply and an led will confirm or deny correct power.  Really fast and simple, the other plus side of using this ATX power supply testericon is, you won't have to take the power supply out of the case to test it.

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