Lower Ping

Having a lower ping than whoever you are playing against online is an easy way to get an edge.  Having a higher ping than your opponent is an easy way to make the game harder than it already is, since unless there is software to handle latency, this extra time must be compensated for by your reaction time.

There are other benefits as well.  If you use voice over IP or anything that transmitts voice over your internet like a Magic Jackicon, you can easily notice the delay it takes someone to talk back after something is said.  Even something as simple as Skype will quickly make you notice the benefits.

TIP! Even if you have never done any work in the Windows registry, the change below is very easy to do.


Most will read TcpAckFrequency and wonder what the heck that means.  I'll explain it the best way I know how.  When the computer sends a signal to another computer, it waits until there is a chunk of data before sending it.  When it comes to a game or software interacting with another human, we're very perceptive.  A 10th of a second, or a 100ms, is actually a bigger unit of time than you want it to be.

Think of watching a movie where the audio is a little bit out, the lips don't match the sound, how long does it take to figure that out?  By making a change to TcpAckFrequency, what you actually do is instead of the computer waiting for a whole chunk of data before sending, you tell the computer to immediately send your voice or commands as soon as they're received.

It may sound fancy or something a professional technician needs to do, let me assure you, I explain it in the video and do it in 3 min.  The file path in the video is Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\

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