What Does RAM Stand For?

So what does RAM stand for?  It's short for Random Access Memory, is exactly what the description calls it.  ramSince it can supply data much faster than a hard drive, information that is frequently called for is stored here.  If your memory usage is consistently over 70%, you should consider getting more, it's probably the easiest and cheapest computer upgrade.

Before installing your memory on the motherboard, refer to your motherboard manual.  On this board to get the most out of my memory I can run it in dual channel.  This simply means instead of writing to fill one stick of your memory first, you write half that data to each stick.  Not only does it write faster, but it is also retrieved faster.  For this to work the sticks must be the same.

TIP! When buying computer memory, you'll find some has heat sinks, some does not.  Generally speaking, performance memory these days all comes with heat sinks.  If you are interested in overclocking, make sure your memory has heat sinks.

Choosing Memory

When you look at picking out memory there are a few things I look for.  My first choice in memory is Kingston, icona close second is Corsair. icon There is expensive memory and cheap memory.  Getting the best RAM is something you won't regret.

The good thing is even though you have a good brand name, the cheap memory will be priced way under the other memory.  Stay away from this low quality memory, it's not worth what you will sacrifice.

If your motherboard supports running memory in dual channel or multiple channels, try to get enough memory sticks to put one in each channel.

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