USB Hard Drive Case

Buying a USB hard drive case is an easy alternative to a computer backup drive if a USB flash drive doesn't have the room you need.  They also make great portable storage that you can take where you need to.  Pictured below is a typical hard drive case.

The benefit to choosing a hard drive case, then putting your own hard drive into it is simple.  When you pick an external hard driveicon, you get whatever drive the manufacturer decides to put in the enclosure.  When you buy your own, you can pick the best hard drive you can afford to go with your system.

usb hard drive case

TIP! The most common hard drive case is USB, if you can go with eSATA or Firewire if your computer has a port that lets you use one for added speed when moving files.

When you pick out a hard drive case, try and get something that is versatile.  The one pictured above has eSATA as well as USB.  This way if your computer has eSATA you can use that interface because of the speed gains, if not, use the USB which is the more common interface that just about any computer will have.  If you do a little research, you can probably find one that has the 2 most common ones that you will use.

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