Learning The Computer Keyboard

Learning the computer keyboard isn't that difficult of a task when you know what the method is.  Granted it will take some practice, but with a little instruction and if you already enjoy typing emails or doing daily entries on facebook, it's more than enough practice to get you typing good in no time.

Unlearning What You Know

Chances are, if you are already online, you already have a method of hitting keys.
Some will be chicken pecking (using single fingers to hit all the keys), while others will be a little better off knowing some basic typing.

Whatever category you fall into, it doesn't really matter.  The correct method can be learned by anyone.  I used to chicken peck, and the method that taught me to get somewhat better since I was already online and using a computer actively was simply to put my hands in the home position.

Home position on they keyboard is from pinky to index on left hand ASDF, then from index to pinky on right hand JKL:.  With your fingers on these keys, type a message to a friend without moving your hands.  Look at they keys if you must to find the key you're looking for, but instead move the finger closest to the key you want to type.

Although a professional typist would most likely frown at what I've told you to do, for those unlearning, this method with using the typing tutor above daily for two weeks will get you some results that you can notice.  Especially if you love to spend some time every day online surfing.  Keep at it, at first, you'll be really tempted to go back to your old method, but it won't take you long to really put your chicken pecking habit to shame.

TIP! Typically the F and J keys on the keyboard have a bump of some sort.  This is for your fingers to quickly find what's know as the home position which the left hand pointer finger on the F key, and the right hand pointer finger on the J key.

Where To Begin Learning The Computer Keyboard

The computer keyboard has many keys, too many for you to learn quickly.  So instead, it's best to learn the proper placement of your fingers before you start.

Then practice these keys until your hands feel comfortable.  I would recommend 15 minutes at a time.  A simple online practice you can do with lessons is available at http://www.typeonline.co.uk.
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