League of Legends

by Dave

For those already playing, good for you. I hadn't heard about this game until several weeks ago. Boy am I glad I found it. I was more than happy to find a different game to play since the commitment of raiding 4 nights a week in World of Warcraft is just too much.

This game is an easy 30 minute round game, all PVP and a ton of fun. Not only that, it's really balanced and even though the map is the same time after time, the game play is what makes a game to me, and this game doesn't lack in it.

The concept is a simple idea, you have a nexus and towers to protect from the other team. If you lose your nexus, you lose. There are also minions involved to help you earn money or gold in this case. Each killing blow will land you some pocket change to help you gear the toon that you're leveling.

Every game you start out as level 1, the max level at this time is level 18. The gear is earned along the way, and don't worry, there's more gear then there is gold, so no matter how good you get and how much money you earn there's always a way to spend it.

The best part of this whole system is there is also a ranking in place. When you're brand new, you'll get grouped with brand new players. As you progress, learn more, and get better, you'll be put in players that are more closely matched based to you. This keeps the game fun as there will always be challenges.

And the kicker is, it's free to play. What's the catch? There can be none, but, if you need to play all of the champions that are available to you and don't have a lifetime to do it in, some cash will help you along by unlocking the characters for you to play. Weekly, you'll get a chance to try out new characters until you find something you'll like.

For me, I lucked out and got what I wanted in the second week and was able to get it with in game points. However, for the developers of a game with play like this, I have no trouble paying and bought several more to call my own. Those that like it, please do the same so this little package of PVP stays alive.

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