How Do I Install RAM As An Upgrade?

by Billy
(Waterford, NJ, US)

When I do this, is it simple? Do I need to do a whole confusing process or is it as simple as turning off and unplugging machine, installing ram in ram slots, and turning back on? I really would like help to make sure I do this correctly.


Installing RAM really is as simple as you just stated. There is only one thing to look out for. If your RAM slots have different colors, you need to put the same RAM slots in those same colors. That's it, no BIOS changes needed. Just boot up and go, the motherboard will automatically use the installed RAM.

Let's say you had 2 4GB sticks of RAM and 2 1GB sticks of RAM and 2 red slots and 2 black slots. You would need to have both 4GB RAM sticks in either the red or the black, not 1 in each, the same would apply for the 1GB sticks.

Why? If your motherboard supports dual channel, which it does if your DDR slots have more than one color, the only way you can use the dual channel memory is to match up the RAM with the channels. Each channel has its own color, just to simplify installation.

If you have set up dual channel memory and wish to enable the feature you might need to enable it in the BIOS, depending on the motherboard. To find out, check the manual that came with your motherboard. If you don't enable it, you'll still be fine, the computer just won't be using that feature.

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