Hard Drive Repair Software will Help You Restore Files

You can use hard drive repair software if you have a hard drive fail and Windows is no longer able to read the disk.  This way you can copy your important files from the failed hard drive to a new hard drive, or another drive so they are again useable. Although it doesn't work all the time, it does work a lot of the time and if you have a lot of information on your hard drive you don't want to lose, this is where you start.

There are many different software titles out there that would love to restore your information, but in my experience, very few of them actually do the job.  For the purpose of this guide, I'll show you the one that I've had great success with in the past.  A great part is, you don't need to buy it until you know it will do the job for you.

For a restoration to work, your hard drive will need to spin up.  To check, it's pretty easy, with the drive removed from the computer bay, hold it in your hand and power on the computer.  You'll be able to feel if the drive spins up.  If you're not sure, you can continue through the guide and will soon find out if your information is recoverable.

TIP! If you do a regular computer backup you'll never have to go through this step trying to get your information back.

How to use hard drive repair software

  • Step 1 - Download and install a hard drive repair software.  The one that I prefer is called Rstudio.
  • Step 2 - Run the program and check to see if it sees the file on your hard drive.
  • Step 3 - Restore the files to a different drive or your choice.  Make sure you don't use this drive other than to read your information, don't save any more files here.  Since this hard drive is already just about finished, you need to get your information onto another drive.
  • Step 4 - Start with your most important information first, then move down the list until you have recovered all the data you want.

TIP! Recover a couple of gigabytes of data at a time, starting with what's the most important in case the drive fails completely on the restore operation.

Once all your information is restored, or you are unable to restore information, I strongly urge you to learn more about backing up your computer.  You'll never be in this panic situation again.  Although many of the hard drives I've got have been able to be repaired, some have not.  When a small business loses a years worth of information, it's not good news, and the cheaper option is usually  to re-enter the information instead of performing a forensic data recovery.

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