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When I think about computer parts, the first one that pops into my mind is the Motherboard. Probably because it's the most important. Every piece plugs into it, needs it for power and reliable information, to work well with any other part. If it was a car, the motherboard would be the frame.



Fuel mileage, or raw power? The choice is yours when picking out your CPU or Central Processing Unit. This is the engine that determines how fast your PC will go. Since overheating this engine is just as possible as the one in your car, don't forget about a proper heat sink and thermal compound to keep it nice and cool.

Hard Drive

hard drive

How many passengers do you want? Think of the Hard Drive as the number of people your car can seat. This will determine how much your computer can store. You can have a single drive in a computer, or hook up multiples to increase storage or have them work together for more speed.



RAM on a vehicle would be the supercharger. The RAM is the computer part that provides the get up and go on a computer. Information that is used often by the computer is stored here and is available at the flick of a switch.

Video Card

video card

The GPU or Graphics Processing Unit, often just called a Video Card, is the same as the dashboard. This will determine how many images, and the quality of display you will see on your Monitor. If you run any 3D applications, A video card is much more important than if you just use it to open emails and surf the web.

Sound Card

The Sound Card is the same thing as deck in your car stereo. It will determine the quality of sound that goes to your speakers, and how many speakers you can have.

DVD-Roms and Blu-Ray

Now add on a DVD-Rom or Blu-Ray Rom so you can watch movies and play CDs from it. Plus this way you can also easily install Windows and any other software you buy.

Network Card

Last but not least, would you like on star? The Network Card lets you connect your computer to other computers, or to the Internet. These days most Motherboards come with a built in Network Card, if it does not, you will need this to connect other computers.

Now it's only a matter of putting all these parts into a case, connecting the power supply, installing Windows, and you know how to build a computer.

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