Intel i5 2500K Quad Core Processor

by Dave

First off let me say, what a chip. For any of you that are looking into building a computer right now, if you can afford it. This is clearly the route to go. I know frequently I mention getting computer parts that are the best bang for your buck, well this definitely falls into that category.

Although the stand alone specifics of this processor aren't anything that really sets it apart, it's this chips ability to overclock. This 3.3GHz processor can often be stable overclocked to 4.6GHz all the while remaining relatively cool and stable. That is more than just a modest overclock.

The other major reason to buy this chip versus say the 2600k is the price. Currently going for about $230 it's overclocked performance is comparable to CPU's worth up to 3 times that price. There definitely is a reason it made my January 2011 computer kit. Unless something changes really fast, you'll see it make the March kit as well.

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