Get A BFG Video Card When There's No Room For 2nd Best

BFG video cards really are a step ahead.  Even though benchmarking two of the same cards may yeald exactly the same number.  I have found this card to be the most stable and reliable over continuous hours of use.  They really are built to work and therefore are my choice in any gaming build, or any build where you are adding a video card.

When shopping for a video card, I use the same method as described on the how to build a computer page to pick my video card, then when buying I make sure the brand name is BFG.icon

TIP! Don't forget to clean out your video card when you clean out your computer every 6 months.  The video card in any computer is one of the first spots dust likes to build up.  This increases its operating temperature and reduces system stability.

BFG's Philosophy

If you look at the companies philosophy it's quite clear that they tailor there video cards for the gaming enthusiast.  As per their site their philosophy is 

BFG Technologies' brand of power supplies and NVIDIA-based 3D graphics accelerators are designed to appeal to the PC enthusiast and hardcore gaming consumer.

We offer a full line of power supplies and NVIDIA-based graphics cards at various price points to meet the needs of the entry level gamer to the hardcore, performance driven customer.

Many of our employees are gamers and PC enthusiasts, and we provide hardware and marketing that reflects our passion and excitement for the latest technology. We build hardware that is stable, well supported and cost competitive.

BFG Technologies delivers the latest technology before our competitors, offers lifetime warranties on all graphic products, and provides free expert technical support and a company commitment to the enthusiast lifestyle through gaming LAN-party sponsorships, gaming events, and high-visibility participation in industry trade shows.

We listen to what our customers want from our technology products and services. We solicit feedback from gaming and PC communities through LAN events and focus groups to gather information to continuously improve our products and services and meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to be recognized by the enthusiast community as a company that understands and responds to consumer feedback.

Working With The Best

After I have done the initial install and have a system up and running I always make sure I get the latest driver.  Typically I look for a new driver every month.  If you have any kind of trouble running a game, look to the manufacturer's website more often to find a driver fix.

So what chipset do I like, ATI or Nvidia?  This question is a little loaded for me as I have had some bad experiences with ATI's drivers.  However, as it stands today I would be willing to give them another try.  Why?  ATI's video cards driver support has come a long way since the card I had in a build.  

Both ATI and Nvidia have a clear difference.  If you are after image quality and nothing else, get ATI.  Something about their picture just looks better to me, it always has.  If you want the best support for anything you want to run, get a BFG video card that has an Nvidia chipset.  I have yet to find 1incompatibility, and for that reason it's what I run.

More About Drivers

Any time you want to see the most performance with your BFG video card, make sure you have the latest drivers.  You can usually get them from a variety of different places on the internet, however, the manufacturer of the chipset has always given me the best results.

Update: I just read some sad news today, and have to pass it on the the readers here. BFG is no longer providing graphic cards because the company says it is not profitable for them.  They will continue to provide support and continue with their other PC hardware.  I must say, very sad for me to read, they were a great video card, I guess it's back to Asus cards for me.

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