Your choice for the Best PC Backup Software

After much searching for the best PC backup software, it looks like we have a complete backup solution that will work for you.  The monthly fee is reasonable since a key feature is being able to access these folders on multiple computers, across the internet, and anywhere in the world.  You just set it up, it will look after the rest for you.

If you just want to do an online photo backup, there is another alternative that you can use, although a little sluggish when used as a total computer solution, the monthly fee is less.  For pictures since they aren't often modified after being taken, the picture solution is great.  For files that constantly change, are moved etc. this will likely be a better fit.

TIP! Since you get a 2GB free trial with the best PC backup software, it's a great idea to try this with some small files before you pay and find out it's not for you.  Don't like this one?  Try the one mentioned at online photo backup.

How Does it Work?

The program I found as the best PC backup software is called Dropbox.  This little program works by creating a folder on your devices that you install it on.  It then tries it's best to keep all the folders on all your devices the same all of the time.  This way, no matter what device you pick up will have the files you're working on.  For a home office solution where you have a home computer and a business laptop, this would be a great setup.  Let the system synchronize your files while you sleep.

Set up the Best PC Backup Software

To get started, simply go to the website.  Watch the video if you want to learn more about how it works.  Then download and install the program.  Read each option, set up the account when prompted.  Once you're just about all said and done, you'll be able to customize the location of the install.  Look where yours is saved so you know where to move your files that you want backed up.

Now that the install is finished, you're good to go.  Simply copy and paste or move any files you want to keep in your Dropbox folder.  The system will take care of the rest.

Multiple Computers

To set this up on multiple computers, simply download and install this program on any other devices you want.  The only thing different is that you log onto the same account you created for the first computer you set it up on.  That's it, the software will now do everything it can to make the folders the same all the time.

Now, even if you're at a computer that isn't yours, as long as you have internet access, just go to and browse your files and they'll update as you change them there as well.  How sweet is that?

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